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20 Best Places to visit in Greece

If you are considering a visit to Greece, you will need to decide where you want to go. There are many popular places in the country.


Athens is one of the most popular ancient Greek cities, but it is a much different place than it was in ancient times.

One of the main sights in Athens is the ancient Agora, which was once the center of everyday life. You can get a great view of this ancient area from the walls of the Acropolis or from the roads leading to the Areopagus. The best entrance to the Agora is through the north gate on Adrianou Street. The word “Agora” means “gathering,” and the ancient Agora was where Greeks came to debate, organize government meetings, and hold athletic events and theatrical performances.

Visitors can take in a museum that specializes in ancient Greek history. The Technopolis museum is housed in a former gas factory and is a great place to learn about the city’s history. It has many fascinating exhibits that will leave you enlightened and curious.

Chania Town

One of the best things to do in Chania is to have dinner by the water. You can watch the sun set while you dine on fresh seafood and crisp wine. While you’re dining, you can also take part in the local culture by watching a traditional Greek dance or listening to live Greek music.

The town is also known for its ancient monasteries. Some of them are still in use, while others are ruins. Some of the oldest ones are located on the Akrotiri peninsula, including the famous Agia Triada Tzagaroli Monastery, which was built during the Venetian period. Another noteworthy monastery in the town is the Chryssopigi Monastery, which is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The city also boasts several mosques and an impressive church that is built in the 16th century.


Santorini is a small Greek island dotted with hot-headed volcanoes, cliffs, and acres of sun-toasted sand. Visitors can experience ancient relics, taste delectable cuisine, and experience adrenaline-pumping activities. The island was created as a result of a volcanic eruption, and many of its buildings and infrastructure mimic its rugged landscape.

Santorini is one of the most popular destinations in Greece. Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group of friends, this island has a great range of activities to suit your needs. Its idyllic location makes it perfect for romantic getaways and private photo shoots, and you can even propose or get married here!

If you’re visiting Santorini, make sure you visit Pyrgos, the island’s highest village. It features traditional Cycladic architecture, and offers magnificent views of the island. You can also visit the ancient Thera archaeological site, which is located in the middle of the island.


Hersonissos is a charming seaside village full of ancient ruins, a buzzing market, and quaint tavernas. There are also plenty of outdoor activities and delicious Greek foods to try. The island also offers boat tours and safari trips to see the area’s hidden gems.

The weather in Hersonissos is warm all year round. However, it does get chilly in the winter months of December and February. For this reason, it is recommended to visit during the period between June and August. During the summer, the island is filled with tourists. Visitors can also attend the International Folk Festival, held in September.

The island’s nightlife is legendary. The town is set back from the sea, but most people refer to the beach-front area when speaking of Hersonissos. At the east end of the beach, there are several large hotels. A little further east, the smaller town of Anissaras is located. The town’s harbor has pubs and restaurants. The beach becomes less crowded as you go westwards.


One of the best things to do in Rethymnon is to visit the archeological museum. This museum houses the largest collection of historical treasures from the city. It covers all periods of history, including the Minoan period. The museum is divided into chronological sections and offers a good overview of the town’s history.

There are a number of places to eat in Rethymnon. The Alana Restaurant has been open since 1986 and serves Cretan and Mediterranean food. It has an outdoor patio and is surrounded by potted plants. You can also try the famous Mosaic dessert here, a combination of cocoa, vanilla ice cream, and biscuits.

Rethymno’s ancient history is reflected in the architecture. It was influenced by a pantina of influences, including the Venetians who built the Venetian Harbour and the Ottomans who left a hammam, which is still used today in the town’s spas.

Mykonos Town

If you want to explore the ancient history of Mykonos, you must visit the Mykonos Museum. This museum, which was built in 1902 by the well-known architect Alexandros Lykakis, contains many artifacts that have a special place in the island’s history. Some of its exhibits include the famous Pithos (a large jar from the 7th century BC) and funerary urns from Rheneia. The museum is located in a prominent position above the old harbor. It has six grand exhibition halls and a lush courtyard.

Another attraction worth visiting is the windmills in Mykonos Town, which are the most iconic symbol of the island. The windmills were once used to grind grain and feed the locals. Although they are no longer used, they are incredibly well preserved and give a sense of the island’s history. The town is home to several other attractions, including a lighthouse that stands over the Armenistis area. The lighthouse overlooks the water between Mykonos and Tinos, and it is still visited by many visitors.


While on holiday in Tsilivi, you’ll want to enjoy the shopping opportunities on offer. The town is home to a wide variety of shops, from souvenir stores to fashion boutiques. You can also dine in tavernas that feature local cuisine. Other shops offer local and international fare, while fast food restaurants can be found all over the town. The town also has several supermarkets and bakeries.

The town is situated on the northern coast of the island of Zakynthos. It’s the third-most-popular resort on the island, just north of Laganas. It’s a more peaceful spot than its more popular neighbor, but still boasts many amenities. The town has a popular water park and a mini golf course. The beach is also lined with restaurants, shops, and an ATM. Tsilivi also has organized campgrounds, which are a great option for those who don’t want to stay in a hotel.


The enchanting town of Apokoronas is situated in the Peloponnese, a beautiful region in Southern Greece. The town is an excellent spot to visit if you want to experience the rich culture of the ancient Greeks. The town is home to numerous monasteries, some of which date back to the early 14th century. The town is also home to some of the most beautiful cottages in the country.

For those who love the history of Greece, you should not miss the Tomb of Homer. You will also love the picturesque whitewashed churches. The town has a beautiful harbor and winding streets that wrap around the sea. Another popular attraction in the town is the Panagia Evangelistria monastery, one of the holiest places in the country. This monastery is visited by hundreds of thousands of pilgrims each year.


Meteora is a unique and UNESCO protected area that is home to six magnificent monasteries. The monasteries have been inhabited for more than 1000 years. During the Ottoman Empire’s expansion, monks fled to this remote location to escape persecution. Today, visitors are welcome to visit the ruins of these ancient monasteries.

One of the most stunning monasteries at Meteora is the Monastery of Holy Trinity, which has breathtaking views and is the most difficult to access of the six. This monastery was featured in the 1981 James Bond movie, “For Your Eyes Only.” Visitors can climb 140 steps to reach the monastery, which has panoramic views of the Plain of Thessaly and the surrounding mountains.

Another amazing destination in Greece is the ancient city of Delphi. This ancient site is located on the slopes of Mount Parnassus and was the spiritual center of the ancient world. This is a place where kings and other notable figures came to seek guidance. The Delphi Oracle remains inscribed in the history of Greek culture.


For a taste of local culture, head to Crete and experience a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are many fascinating sites in the region and the island is surprisingly affordable, despite its fame as an island that offers luxury vacations. There are plenty of things to do for free and there are also many hotels and restaurants that will suit any budget.

The island has a number of beaches and is also home to many caves. One of the best places to visit in Crete is the Diktaion Cave, which has a glass-calm lake at the bottom. The cave features enormous stalactites, as well as rooms and a tiny chamber where Zeus was born.


Nafplio is reminiscent of the Plaka in Athens, with marble paved streets, historical buildings, an Ottoman mosque, and popular cafes and shops. The town also has an impressive archaeological museum. One of the best things to do in Nafplio is to explore the Old Town. You will find that everything is within walking distance of each other, making exploring this part of town one of the highlights of your stay.

During your stay in Nafplio, you can indulge in a wide range of local dishes and enjoy fun water sports. You can also take a sightseeing cruise of the area, which includes food and drinks. You can choose from delicious Greek cuisine and local snacks, as well as seasonal fruits.


One of the most beautiful places to visit in Greece is Corfu, an island located in the Ionian Sea. It is renowned for its cosmopolitan old town, countless pristine beaches, and stunning landscapes. This island has a rich history that is worth exploring. The island was home to the Venetians, English, and French, leaving their mark on Corfu’s architecture and culture. While you’re here, take some time to stroll through the Old Town, which is filled with cafes, shops, and restaurants.

Corfu’s town dates back to the eighth century BCE, when it was a center of trade for the Phoenicians. Today, the remains of this ancient city can be found near the Mon Repos Palace. The town was also under Venetian rule between the 14th and 18th centuries. This influence can still be seen in the pastel-colored buildings and cobblestone streets. Some of the houses even have wooden shutters, which is indicative of Venetian architecture.


A trip to Sifnos will allow you to see the island’s most beautiful sights, including the town of Kastro. This settlement was built in the 14th century and was the island’s capital until 1836. Although it is small, the town has many beautiful places to explore. For example, the old town center is full of snow-white houses, and the archaeological museum is filled with fascinating artifacts. If you’re hungry, you can stop by the Argo Bar, which is popular with visitors.

The rocky islands of Sifnos have few beaches, but there are some nice ones. The best beach on Sifnos is Platys Gialos, where you can spend a day relaxing and eating in an organized beach bar. There are several excellent restaurants on the island, including Omega3, which was a favorite of Tom Hanks.


Although the cosmopolitan island of Santorini is a popular destination, Therasia is a smaller and less developed island that welcomes day-trippers from Santorini. It is home to a number of charming villages, serene churches, and well-paved hiking trails that take you through the island’s dry stone terraces.

Ancient Thera is a prehistoric site in southern Crete. The site was occupied as early as 4500 BC and grew into a city in the 18th century BC. The city had a sophisticated irrigation system, public spaces, and religious centers. It also had private houses of various sizes. The art and culture were quite advanced, with a sophisticated ruling system.

Hersonissos: This small island is a great place to visit with the family. The pearl-sand beaches, fascinating museums, ancient ruins, and local shopping hubs are great places for families to spend time. And don’t miss the fresh seafood!


Patmos is a beautiful island that is also a spiritual center. The island is home to a massive stone castle and the fortified Monastery of Saint John. Built on the ruins of an ancient Christian church, this monastery represents the spiritual soul of the island. Its courtyard is surrounded by hundreds of brightly colored clay pots, and its main church boasts a wonderful fresco of Christ Pantocrator.

Visitors can tour the monastery’s museum, which is home to many religious artifacts. The museum also displays an archive of Byzantine documents and ancient books. Visitors can also see priests’ vestments, as well as items related to Byzantine Christian ceremonies. The museum is also home to a gallery that features colorful works by Greek artists.


Nisyros is an island in the Aegean Sea that is home to a large volcano. It is part of the Dodecanese group of islands. It is situated between the islands of Kos and Tilos. It is a great destination for people looking for a unique Greek vacation.

Nisyros’ town center is full of charm. It has a quaint waterfront, traditional tavernas, and beautiful town squares. The town also has many cafes and restaurants and a theatre. If you are looking for a place to watch the sunset, Nisyros is a great place to go.

The volcanic island of Nisyros is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts. Its active volcano is a stunning site to see. It is also a wonderful place to relax on a sandy beach and experience traditional Greek village life.


Parga is a small town on the mainland of Greece with a feel of the islands. The town is famous for its olive oil products. There is a watermill museum, where you can see old tools and clothes used in the mill. There is also an open-air cafeteria. Near the museum is a waterfall. You can drive or take a bus to get there.

If you have time, you can visit the Acheron river springs, which are about 30 minutes away from Parga. The river is considered sacred in Greek mythology because it was the waterway connecting the world of the living and the kingdom of the dead. It runs through a narrow canyon with shallow water, and is a great place to cool off.


If you’ve ever wished to get away from the busy summer crowds and visit an untouched, mountainous region, Zagori is the place to go. This region, located in northern Greece, is home to some of the country’s most spectacular scenery and has a lot to offer outdoor enthusiasts. You’ll find hiking trails, rafting and canoeing opportunities, and delicious Greek food. You’ll also find the small town of Ioannina, which is a convenient base for exploring the area.

One of the best activities you can do in Zagori is hiking the Zagori Gorge. This hike is eight to nine kilometers long and can be done with a guide. The route is well marked and is recommended for hikers in good physical condition.


Kefalonia is home to several vineyards that produce one of the most sought after white wines in the world. It is an ideal location for wine tasting, and you can take a tour to learn more about the process. The island is also known for its thyme honey, silver jewelry, and extra virgin olive oil. In addition, the island produces Robola wine, which is very famous throughout Greece. Among the other things to do in Kefalonia are wine tours, shopping, and traditional Greek food.

There are many beautiful beaches in Kefalonia, as well as mountains and cool caves. You’ll find a variety of accommodations, from self-catering studios to luxury hotels. You can find a comfortable place to stay on Kefalonia, whether you’re traveling with a group or by yourself, and you’ll be sure to have a great time.